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Furries at the PA Ren Faire!
That's right, we're invading the middle ages!

When: Saturday, September 24th, 2011 (Scottish Weekend Woo!)

What: A fantastic furry meet, greet, and romp across merry olde England!

Where: Mt. Hope Estate & Winery, 2775 Lebanon Road, Manheim, PA

I'm putting the word out early so anyone interested can plan ahead. Comment here or note me on FA (, and I'll add your name to the list, or if you have any questions; time and other details will be announced closer to the event.
Sorry no fursuits, but tails/ ears are not only welcome, but encouraged! (You can still get $2 off if in period costume); I would highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance, and if possible online:​buytickets.html



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TFS meetup that jaga is planning is during furfright, so you might get a lot of furst staters at your meet too! i just posted about it in jaga's thread :) i was planning on trying to go to furfright so i think i'm going to try and hit your meet up!

That would be much awesomeness; I haven't seen you since nyfb! FurFright was a secondary reason for choosing the date we did; i'm going to have Ryuu from EFM put up a surple RSVP page after our August bowling meet :)

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